Get off of Plastic and go Bamboo

Bamboo is booming and we are obsessed with it. This noble material has everything to be the material of the future, it’s biodegradable, renewable, Eco-friendly, grows fast and has numerous applications. But, can we swap plastic products by bamboo products? Yes, we can!

People throw away tons of plastic products every year. That’s enough to wrap around the earth four times! After being used for several months or years, your plastic product will now spend eternity taking up space on the planet as a piece of garbage. 

Most nations also don’t know what to do with plastic waste products, so it fills up landfills quickly and most of the toxic waste from plastics ends up polluting our lands and water sources like the ocean. It’s only a small percentage of plastic that gets recycled. The rest goes and slowly disintegrates and when rains come the smaller plastic pieces make their way into the ocean.

Bamboo comes in as the perfect substitute for plastic products. It can be utilized to manufacture fabric, fiber and polymers therefore anything that is made from plastic can be made out of Bamboo

You may ask, what products can I buy to switch from plastic to bamboo? That are numerous products in your kitchen and bathroom that are available in bamboo version: cutting board, serving tray, food packing, disposable cutlery, toothbrush, drinking straws, home decoration, beauty products and the list goes on and on

Something must change. The alternative is simple and not new. Bamboo!!

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