The truth about recycling

Nowadays, everyone talks about the importance of plastic recycling and the need for circular economy and zero waste society. But, do we know all the truth behind recycling? And does it mean we no longer have to worry about our plastic consumption?

What makes it difficult when it comes to plastic recycling is that it doesn’t make a closed loop, even though recycling it takes less energy than manufacturing new materials. Here are some reasons that makes plastic recycling obsolete and not the best way to help the planet:

  • Different types of plastic are currently used in our daily life. Plastics cannot be mixed with each other, which makes the sorting procedure even more complicated.
  • Among the plastic products that we consume, there are those that are not at all recyclable, because they contain inseparable layers of plastic.
  • Each country, province, state and even municipality has its own collection and recycling program which makes collection inconsistent from one place to another.
  • The low cost of the virgin material equals to the recycled material due to the high cost of sorting and collecting.

Only 30% of the plastic consumed is recycled, the remaining are either incinerated or buried underground, thus putting a few tens or even hundreds of years to decompose.

There are other simple actions to limit the damage that we could do daily and that could have a major impact on a large scale:

  • Reduce your use of plastic and go green with eco-friendly and sustainable products like Bamboo!
  • Make sure to reuse the plastic that you already have and don’t through it all away after one use, even if you throw it in the recycling bin, it doesn’t mean it will be recycled!
  • Recycle but make sure to clean the product to avoid contamination and ensure that the product is recyclable in the area where you live.



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